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Jul 05 2017
Crafting Your Best Resume Yet
Looking to sharpen up your resume to impress employers, or just get started on creating one? Here are some helpful tips to get you started!
1.) Start each bullet point with an action verb & then be able to state what you did, how you did it, & the result or purpose of each duty. 
  • Examples of action verbs include: lead, develop, supervise, train, collaborate, teach, organize, repair, create, present. These words communicate: skill, knowledge, or accomplishments in a clear, precise way. 
  • The format you should keep in mind while writing your bullet points: action verb + what you did, how you did it, and the result. 
2.) Make sure your bullet points are stated in the right tense.
  • For example, if you are explaining your duties at a previous position, make sure these bullet points are explained in the past tense (and vice-versa for current positions). This is a great way to make sure the employer has a clear understanding of the time frame in which you were responsible for certain duties. 
  • Past: Collaborated, designed, repaired, preformed
  • Current: Collaborate, design, repair, perform
3.) Quantify your experiences whenever possible.
  • If you have completed relevant schooling/coursework, or relevant job experience, add in how many years you spent doing so. If you were responsible for managing a team, highlight the number of people/projects you were responsible for.  This can give employers a chance to see not only time frames of your experiences, but also a representative scale of your responsibilities & accomplishments.
4.) Provide clear context & detail for all bullet points on your resume, and try to keep it to one page.
  • It is important to be as concise as possible when crafting your resume, as you have limited space to highlight all of your relevant skills & experiences. When an employer is first looking over your resume, you are not there to answer any questions from them. If something is slightly vague or confusing, they may not interpret the statement the way you wanted them to. It is important to make sure you cover all the bases & not leave anything up for interpretation by the employer. This ensures that you are presenting yourself & your skills the exact way that you intended. 

5.) Have someone (or multiple people) look over your resume before submitting an application.

  • Spelling/grammar mistakes can be a deal breaker in many hiring situations. By having a new set of eyes on your resume, it may be possible to catch mistakes that you simply looked over on your own, or even get valuable feedback on how to re-word or format confusing sentences/phrases.
6.) If you are unsure how to begin setting up your resume, visit our resume builder page here & pick a template to get started today!
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