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4 New Ways To Grow Your Network
4 New Ways to Grow Your Network
Be freaking interesting
People absolutely love talking about themselves, their interests and their jobs. Get in touch with some existing contacts and ask them what they’ve working on lately and where they want to go in the future. Be sure to use LinkedIn and other social media channels to say congrats on a new position, wish them happy birthday.
Choose a unique method
Everyone is sending emails, LinkedIn requests, handing out business cards, and creating social media posts to network, so why not go against the grain and find something unique? When’s the last time you got a handwritten letter? Maybe send a card to catch up on every holiday and not just Christmas? Though the standard methods should be utilized, going with a unique method for reaching out to people will show creativity and keep your name in the back of their mind. 
Bait and learn
We’ve already established that people like talking about themselves. People also like sharing their opinion. Find articles within your “world” and share them on LinkedIn and other social media channels. Tag people you think might be interested and ask for their thoughts. (Note: Steer clear of politics and religion) These should be articles on business strategies or something business related. The idea here is to spur conversation, gain insight and show people that you truly “live in that world.” 
Build your brand
Your reputation can be defined by a couple things… Your personality, the company you work for, your knowledge/-experience, and/or your past. You control all of these things. If you are pleasant to be around, work for a great company, know what you are talking about don’t have a sorted past, chances are you will have a great reputation. Understand what it takes for people to see you in a positive light and a great reputation will follow.  

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