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Sep 12 2017
Networking Through Your Job Search
Networking. One of the most important steps in a job search - or in a career altogether. It can be a challenge to successfully network with professionals in your field, but we have some tips to make the process a bit more simple.
Use Your Connections!
Easier said than done, right? It doesn't have to be. LinkedIn is a great tool for professionals just waiting to be used by you. Many times, if someone has accepted to connect with you, they will be willing to respond if you reach out with inquiries. If you simply have a question about a company or a role, reach out and ask a connection who you think would be able to answer your questions.
If you are interviewing for a position at a company, it may be useful to browse the company LinkedIn profile as well as individuals who work there. This could aid in your research of the company prior to the interview. Companies like to see that you have done your research, and are able to display this knowledge in the interview.
As useful as LinkedIn is, it's not the only way to make professional connections. Talk to individuals you know, whether they be family, friends, friends of family friends -- anyone! They may be able to put you in contact with connections in the field you are looking to enter into. Successful networking stems from organically engaging with others. Everyone you meet is a connection, and nothing is more powerful than personal recommendations by employees already working for an organization.
Speaking of learning more through word of mouth, another way to successfully develop professional connections is by attending job fairs. If you are in a job search, and are looking to get your resume out there, job fairs are a great resource. You may be able to find out where these job fairs will be held by visiting local job search online sites. Many times, you will be able to speak to representatives from organizations that you may be interested in working for. This is a great way to make valuable connections during your job search.
As challenging as it can be, speaking to people about what you want to achieve can greatly serve you as you search for your dream job. Reaching out to others, whether that be on LinkedIn or in person, can help you create valuable connections to aid in your professional growth.
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