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Showing Leadership
Showing Leadership
Being a leader is more than a title or a higher paycheck. True leaders encourage, educate and inspire. Here are some tips on becoming a better leader. 
Apologize when you are wrong
We are all wrong sometimes. Don’t be too arrogant in thinking you are never wrong. Admitting mistakes can humanize you to your staff. Just make sure that you make up for it.
Be quick with positive feedback, slow with criticism
People need constant encouragement to feel good about what they are doing; and about you as their leader. Good feedback means that they know you are watching them. If you have to criticize a team member, think through all the angles and how to present it to them. Each criticism should be delivered catered to who they are as a person.
Analyze...then act
Don’t just jump into things so your team thinks you are the smartest person alive. Analyze the situation and make sure you understand all the angles. You will look bad to your team if you lead them in the wrong direction.
Get personal
This doesn’t mean details of their dating life or credit history. Ask them how their weekend was, talk to them about their family and pets. You need for them to understand that you are invested into them, and care about them.
Hire for potential
Build your team with people that can grow. With good leadership, previous experience can be less important than overall potential. Learning curve, personality and ambition go a long way.
Promote slowly
Build your team with people that can grow. With good leadership, previous experience can be less important than overall potential. Learning curve, personality and ambition go a long way.
Fire for negligence
Nothing kills team chemistry faster than having a boss let someone get away with hurting the a project with their negligent behavior. Keep record on all team members so when you have to make the decision to fire them, you have examples to show them. Show your team that you can make a tough decision in order to keep the best interests of the team in mind. 
Reward creativity, not mindless task completion
Rewarding for completion is good, but can create an expectation for just completing the activity. Try creating rewards for those that find a faster way, a better way or a more creative way to complete a project.
Set expectations
If your team doesn’t know the rules, how are they going to play the game? By setting clear expectations on conduct, work output and company policies, there will be no room for excuses if any of those aren’t met. No one will admit this, but people want and need rules to follow.
Encourage sharing
We all have ideas… some are greater than others… but we all have them. While you may not use every idea, having an open forum to share ideas can create a great creative space. One seemingly weird idea can spur a random thought that creates a really good idea.
Your team not only looks to you for leadership but for inspiration. This means lead by example, creating a vision and raising moral during the tough times. 
Don't be a preacher... be a teacher
Don’t just send out best practice documents and write ups on performance. Be actively involved in teaching your team. Get your hands dirty and spend the time to make sure your team is where you need them to be.
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