General Production Operator, Forklift, and Receiving Clerk

5a – 1:30p
Janesville, WI
Skilled Trades
General Labor


12 – General Production Workers Needed

5 – Forklift  Operators needed

1 – Receiving Clerk needed

TVDe-manufacturing Line AKA “The Mini”

  • TV     Tipper: TVs are dumped onto an assembly line using a tipper and the     unloaders will organize the TVs into 2 lines, remove items not meant for     this line, etc.
  • Plastic     back remover: As TVs are coming down the assembly line, remove the plastic     backs and put them on another conveyor. Also use cutters to cut cords that     stick out
  • TV     flipping and removal of glue, wire, etc.: 1 person on each side of TV work     together to flip TVs in order to get front plastic off. The other people     use a scraper to scrape of glue, paper, any remaining wire that cannot go     through the machine
  • Plastic     Baler: place cardboard on bottom of the baler, push buttons to ensure     baler is running correctly, let forklift operator know when complete
  • Speaker     Removal: Use hammer to hit small metal speakers off of plastic backs.     Throw speakers into a gaylord and throw plastic onto a conveyor


  • Pit     area: Sort through material that are dumped on ground to make sure nothing     goes into the shredder that shouldn’t. For instance no ink or toner,     batteries, or large metal items can go into the shredder. These items are     picked up and are put into separate gaylords.
  • Sort     line: product is dumped onto a table. Certain items are taken off the     table and placed into gaylords. 60-70% of the product is pushed onto a     conveyor belt and conveyed into a conveyor. This area is mostly just     sorting products.

PC/LaptopDeman area

  • This     is a small, individual work station. Employees use air screw guns to     remove the backs from PCs, and remove 5 items. Then they take the     remainder of the PC and put it into a gaylord. This is just removal of     some items and then sort them in gaylords accordingly. Once people do this     for a day or so it comes pretty easy to most that work in this area.

BigTV Area (not looking to staff, currently)

  • Use     sledge hammer to dismantle top, side, and back panels. Use cutters to     remove wire. Use air gun to remove screws that hold the CRT in place.     Separate yokes, remove speakers and low grade circuit board. Sweep up     trash/wood.


  • Remove     batteries inside of electronic devices utilizing a drill or hammer. Tape     and sort batteries. Also use drill or scraper to take apart soda machines     when needed.

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