Pre-Assembly - kzz

$17-18 per hour.
M-Th 4:00PM-2:30AM
Skilled Trades

Pre-Assembly - kzz



• May cross-train and be required to work in all three areas.  Will receive the process knowledge point value for each area trained in after successfully passing an audit for that area.   If an employee receives a process knowledge point for one of the areas, they are expected to perform work in that area within the time standards per the process standards.

• Train new employees in areas in which the employee has a process knowledge point in.

• Use blueprints, work instructions, Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), and schematics to perform assembly operations.

• Use basic measuring tools, hand (impact wrenches, torque wrenches), power, pneumatic and hydraulic tools as necessary

• May use overhead cranes and forklift.   Must be willing to get certified, if needed.

• Ensure each check point and traceability of the component is collected and tracked properly in the DCS computer system, if applicable. Must fill out necessary paperwork, such as auto-controls, etc.

• Will have to track time assigned to each job for costing purposes.

• Inform management if the stock and materials to carry out the process is not sufficient.  

• Maintain communication with the quality department to ensure work passes inspection and is ready for shipment timely. Use the non-conformity report to track any issue and for rework instructions.  Be involved in improvement group if it is request in order to solve any issue.

• Follow the plan and schedule defined by the supervisor and production department.  

• Follow instructions to keep and follow 6S methodology.  

• Responsible for the cleanliness and organization of their work area.

• Learn tasks associated with different generator models, if needed.

• Ensure tasks are performed according to organizational requirements for quality management and environmental, health and safety standards, policies and procedures.

• Comply with all company policies, procedures and rules.

• Complete other duties and work in other areas as assigned by the Company, whether or not trained in the area.  This includes performing housekeeping tasks

• Perform product inspection checks when asked.

• Be at your workstation on time at the beginning of the shift, and when the shift/break bell rings at the start and end of breaks.

• Leave at end of day when approved by Lead or Supervisor.

WORK EQUIPMENT (What the employee uses, tools, measuring equipment, computing and auxiliary equipment, etc.)

• Torque Wrench

• Hand tools

• Overhead crane • Basic measuring tools

• Power tools

• Pneumatic tools

• Hydraulic tools

• Safety glasses, steel-toed shoes and appropriate clothing

REQUIREMENTS AND QUALIFICATIONS (Skills, competences, expertise, etc.)

• Must have the ability to read, understand and follow detailed work instructions, have attention to detail and perform basic math calculations.

• Must be able to interpret measurements.

• Experience using measuring devices and power tools (torque wrenches and hand tools) is required.  

• Must have good verbal and written communication and comprehension skills

• Must be reliable and have good attendance.  Must adhere to company’s Time & Attendance policy.

• Must have the ability to thrive in a team environment, and to be able to work with necessary supervision

• Use of overhead cranes and forklift preferred.  Must be willing to get trained and certified in crane and forklift operation, if needed.

ACADEMIC REQUIREMENTS (Academic degrees, languages, other informal knowledge, etc.)

• The position requires a high school diploma or GED. Experience performing mechanical assembly in a manufacturing environment preferred.


• Must be physically able to do the job based on the Essential functions and Physical Requirements of the job, with or without an accommodation.

This position is subject to a medical evaluation, physical, and/or functional assessment to determine qualification for the Job                                 1           Yes         0       No

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