Picking The Right Career

January 19, 2021
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Place and People

Likely 40% of the time awake during a week will be spent at your workplace and around your coworkers, so focus on where will offer a quality work environment. A good job has quality people working for it that can form a healthy workplace society in a pleasing environment to make the job enjoyable.


Days of repetitive, monotonous tasks will rapidly burn out your focus and motivation to work. In fact, a clinical study showed that humans start losing focus at 45 minutes into a task and hit an all time low at 90 minutes. A good job has variety of provoking tasks for you to tackle throughout the day allowing for heightened engagement and interest.

Politeness and Poise

When you finally hear your name to start the interview, make sure to extend a handshake and your name to the interviewer. Take note of the interviewer’s name, as this will be nice touch to throw in at the conclusion of your interview.

Pay and Perks

Let’s be real… we all work for money. That being said, how you are compensated for work does matter. Many jobs offer perks such as retirement packages, healthcare, and other incentives to go on top of a salary and should be carefully considered. A good job will be able to compensate you fairly for your tasks, allowing for a healthier and controlled life.

Privilege of Patience

Unexpected circumstances can pop up in an instant, and having a job that is willing to accommodate them is a major asset. Whether it be putting in some time from the comfort of your own home or having a reduced workload, a good job gives you the privilege of patience in offbeat situations.


Steer clear of jobs that seem to be a road to nowhere. A good job will have growth potential either within the company and/or by arming you with valuable skills to expand your career. Having growth potential in a job will lead to more motivation and a true sense of purpose.

Make an impression

An interviewer may be talking with dozens of interviewees that day, so doing something to make yourself stand out will be a big step to getting the job. Put yourself in the hiring managers shoes… you probably only want to hire someone who is hungry, prepared, and demonstrates a desire to win.


Working for a result that has little significance to you will begin to lose interest when the going gets tough. Even worse is working at a company who does what you love, but you have little say in the process.  A good job has a cause that you can connect with and get motivated about. Having some meaning in your work creates a much more purposeful attitude and much higher quality results.