No two companies are the same. Your staffing solution shouldn't be forced into a cookie-cutter approach, because your company is not a cookie-cutter company. Everything we do is tailored to fit your needs, because that's the only way we can effectively solve your Wisconsin staffing needs. This is how we do it. . .
Experience The Argus Advantage

Our talented recruiters have a ton of tenure – averaging 9 years of experience each.

Our recruiters have worked previously in the industries they are now recruiting for which gives our team unique insight into properly matching candidates to opportunities for our clients. They meet with every potential candidate to craft a great fit by assessing many criteria including skill set, shift, location, culture, personality match and more. Our recruiters know, from their years of experience working in the sectors they recruit in, which candidates are the best fit for a potential opportunity. We take a collaborative, consultative approach with our candidates and clients to help ensure long term success for both.

We're always ready to adapt to your needs. This includes quick turnaround on staffing needs, multiple options for invoice/payment terms and fast approval on contracts from our internal legal department.


Sure, we have over 100+ years of combined staffing experience, but that's not the kind we're talking about here. We want your experience when working with us to exceed your expectations. That means working directly with you and being an open book to fill your staffing needs. We hire based on YOUR requirements, not the other way around.

Hiring Options

We offer three distinct ways for you to work with candidates: temporary staffing, contract to hire and direct hire. Each opening may require a different approach, so we'll consult with you to determine what is best for your company and your financial bottom line.

The Right Tactics to Find the Right People. . .

Finding the best candidates for your open positions requires a multi-pronged searching approach. We start with our actively managed, state-of-the-art internal database of over 130,000 candidates, then turn outwards to see if there's candidates we're missing. Additional sourcing methods include:

  1. Social Networks & Job Board Advertisements

  2. Candidate Referrals

  3. Job Fairs

  4. Educational institution Partnerships

  1. Personal Interviews

  2. Reference Checks

  3. Criminal Background Screenings

  4. Drug Screenings

  5. Employment Verification

  6. Educational Verification

  7. Skills Testing

Finding the Right Candidate One Job at a Time. . .

Finding the right candidates for you requires more than just searching and sending candidates to you. We take a multi-level approach to fully qualify candidates we place at your company. Our candidate qualification process can include:

"Through my recent unemployed stints, I have dealt with a lot of employment agencies, and it is a minefield. There are a lot of time wasters out there who are doing nothing more than trying to exploit someone who is just down on their luck. Clearly Argus does not fit that description."
Al H.
Skilled Trades Worker