CNC Maintenance Electrician - 3rd Shift act

Starting wage is $32.98 · Shift premium Available for off shift roles.
3rd Shift
Skilled Trades

CNC Maintenance Electrician - 3rd Shift act


Key Job Responsibilities

  • Trouble shoots and repairs CNC machines and equipment.
  • Basic mechanical such as but not limited to: Remove and install motors, belts, pulley’s guards, covers, and replacing or adjusting mechanical or hydraulic components, works with machine repairman/specialist when assigned.
  • Receives work assignment, sketch, drawing, (must have a complete understanding of electronic terms and components.) and instructions, if necessary; contact appropriate factory personnel for consultation when required; analyzes work to be done and plans details of operation with minimum interference to production; determines necessary tools, equipment, and materials; obtains and returns tools, etc., as required.
  • Locates source of trouble by visual inspection or instruments and diagnoses needs of any type of mechanical electrical or electro-hydraulic equipment; dismantles, inspects, repairs, replaces, or adjusts defective parts and wiring on motors, generators, circuits, control devices, panels, etc. as required; reassembles, tests, and adjusts equipment for proper operation.
  • Installs motors and generators leveling, securing, and connecting as required. Checks and adjusts new equipment for proper operating characteristics. Repairs and programs PLC’s and microprocessors, does mechanical repairs, expedites the making of repair parts, checks lube systems. Installs new wiring for building or facilities following sketch, instructions, or own lay out; plans and installs outlets, switches, fixtures, controls, etc. as required; installs communication and warning systems.
  • Lays out, cuts, sharpen, threads, and affixes conduit in place as required. Make all necessary splices and connections. Works on high tension lines when power is off and operates sub-station switches and changes fuses when power is on. Works in or out doors as required; sets up ladders or erects scaffolding as needed.
  • Uses an oscilloscope to check; wave form, voltage, amperage, high frequency current and etc. Must be able to read punched tape when determining trouble source. Must direct and train assigned employees.
  • Required to use a dial indicator when checking table position. Required to work on systems such as; solid state, vacuum tube – straight or contouring type control. Diagnoses source of trouble and remedies by replacing, or adjusting mechanical or hydraulic parts as needed. Cleans parts as required. Studies hydraulic schematics, tracing out a complete system for various functions to locate the source of trouble. Checks & adjusts pressure in hydraulic systems when required, installs gage to check pressure or flow when necessary.
  • Makes necessary adjustments on all mechanical or hydraulic speed, feed, drive, or positioning units. Drills, reams, taps, files parts as needed to obtain proper fit & operation. Uses arbor press to press parts together when necessary.
  • May improvise parts or tools. Lays out work for welding, positioning of holes and other layout work of similar nature. Reassembles parts fitting, checking, adjusting, timing, leveling, and aligning as necessary for proper mechanical and hydraulic functioning.
  • Obtains required parts from storeroom or submits requisition to foreman as required. Submits parts to foreman for machining as required. Lubricates machines as needed. Times machines for sequence of operation when required.
  • May perform simple machine alignments or assist machine repairmen with major machine alignments, using plumb bobs, levels, squares, and dial indicator as required. Repairs all types of machine tools, fabricating machines, mechanical and hydraulic presses, winding and testing machines, and other electrical, mechanical and hydraulic equipment.
  • Maintains stock of commonly used repair parts. Determines quantity of items to stock; check catalog when necessary and requisitions parts.


  • Machine Electrician experience.  CNC Machine Electrician experience is preferred.
  • Electricians License is a plus.
  • Must be able to communicate well within a team structure.
  • Available for work approximately 40 hours per week.
  • Ability to work 3rd Shift.
  • Excellent time management skills and the ability to multi-task and be flexible.
  • Ability to maintain a high level of confidentiality-always.
  • Team oriented.
  • May be asked to work weekends.  Ability to work weekends as needed.

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