Core and Coil Assembler act

2nd & 3rd Shift
Skilled Trades


· Receive assignments and instructions from supervisor - both verbal and written. Follows drawings, Bill of Materials, and other established manufacturing procedures. Coordinate and communicate with supervision and team leads.

· Set up core.

· Land Coils onto a Core (E-Assemble) using a crane.

· Cut fix and spread core clamps.

· Set up Pressing equipment and Press unit.

· Lock in unit.

· Take pressing equipment off of the unit and Top Yoke.

· Perform work in other departments as needed.

· Have the ability to look up unit non-conformances electronically.

· Pull-in and complete Core & Coil Assembly for pre-lead ratio/inspection.

· May work in Med Power, Large Power or Extra High Voltage product lines.

· Assemble pressboard cylinders, end pack out, foot bars and phase barriers.

· Crimp & insulate connections.

· Assemble and wire the reactor.

· Build and assemble Booster Unit complete (set up core/e-assembly through wiring) as needed.

· Assemble Cleat & Leads Assemblies to unit (HV, LV, Top racks).

· Resistance Braze Coil Conductor Leads & Cleat & Lead connections as required.

· Braze sub-assemblies (bus bars, external assemblies, etc.) as required.

· Layout and assemble Wood and Cable (Cleat and Lead) Racks for mains and boosters.

· Assemble de-energized tap changer switches to wood racks.

· Stack shunt steel for both the top and bottom of the internal assembly

· Make minor repairs and machine maintenance. Write work orders for the repair of tooling and equipment.

· Complete specific contamination control and cleanliness maintenance procedures such as vacuuming, performing magnetic seeps, and cleaning other items.

· Complete 5S training and keep tools, equipment and work areas clean and orderly.

· Follows all safety procedures and policies of company.

· Will, as required, perform repair work on oiled component inside and outside of the tank.

· Assist in training of new operators.


Knowledge of brazing equipment, wire and cable cutters, grinders, disc sander, band saw, portable scaffolding and ladders, hydraulic crimpers, hydraulic jacks, pressing equipment, air pallets, chains, hooks, clamps, coil lifting spiders, overhead and jib crane, table saw, shears, various hand tools and others.

Materials used in this position include wood, cotton and crepe tape, connectors, metal and fiber bolts, and threaded stock, paper and fiber tubes, cable, buss bars, glue, pressboard, switch gear, silver solder, cleat and lead assemblies, assorted conductors of various size, top yoke, core assembly, windings, wood supports, spacer rings, insulating material, wood blocks and others.

Precision work and care required preventing major damage to components or unit. Operators work at heights up to approximately 18 feet. Top Yoke operation presents additional hazards because of sharp edges on steel. Assembly operations require mental and visual concentration to ensure compliance with engineering and quality specifications. S/he must be able to work in confined spaces, including working inside tanks.


Required Education / Experience

High School Diploma or equivalent

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